Welcome WORLDSEW Customers!

We are excited to launch our new chapter into a new space: E-Commerce!

The inability for customers to shop in person had greatly impacted all brick and mortar businesses especially stores like ours where you have to FEEL the fabric, SEE the colors of the thread, or maybe you were in the area and decided to drop by to have a look.

We understand that new bylaws and restrictions heavily impacted everyone from customers to businesses and we hope that our new platform would help us connect with our customers as well as provide you with everything you need to get back to sewing from the comfort of your own home!

We are adding new products every week so please check back often!

We had just moved our main store from Queen and Spadina so you could imagine how crazy it was to move every single item from that location to our new Roncesvalles and Queen location (although now we are facing construction along that area of Queen St. W. which stops our customers from parking in front for the time being)

Now we have to itemize and create listings for every single item we carry physically at the store.

(I simply equate it to dropping a bag rice on the floor and picking up each grain with a pair of tweezers. =) )

Please check out our online store often as we constantly update the shop

Please be patient with us as this is a whole new space for us to learn and grow while we figure out the best affordable shipping options, possibly setting up local pickup, and pickup locations for our customers that are within the GTA.

Feel free to email us at avocardo.ca@gmail.com to suggest items you are interested in and we will prioritize their itemization on the online store which would give us an idea of what our customers need the most.

Stay Safe and Stay Strong.