Sewing Machine Service/Repair (Toronto/GTA Only)


Please Email us at

We service all makes and models of machines including but not limited to PFAFF, SINGER, JANOME, HUSQVARNA/VIKING, JUKI and other home and industrial machines etc.

All Tune Ups involve checking the tension, lubrication, and the stitches (only straight and zigzag). Please leave us a note for the mechanic if you have any special concerns about your machine!




Regular Tune Up - $48+tax*

Serger Tune Up - $60+tax*


Home Visits:

Regular/Serger Tune Up - $70+tax*

Industrial Machines - $80+tax*


 *Prices are for PER MACHINE.

 *Service charges for computerized machines are extra depending on the machine being serviced. Email us for more information.

  • Parts are extra! we will notify you of any additional cost BEFORE we continue with any repair.
  •  Major repairs such as broken gears or parts may take longer to repair as parts may have to be shipped in as well as the labour time. We apologize for any inconvenience. 



Our sewing machine mechanic has 10+ years of experiences.



  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • We provide 14 days service guarantee when operating machine correctly.
  • We are NOT responsible for user error related machine breakdown. These includes but not limited to improper use such as not adjusting tension or changing needles accordingly with different fabric.
  • Additional service calls after 14 days or machine breakdown resulted from a different issue within 14 days will be charged regularly.
  • We are not responsible for any machines left for more than 30 days after notification regarding completion of service has been given by phone and/or email.


Please read our policy for more details.